Foto: Studentenes Fotoklubb

Eskil Bast :
10 - 17 November 2015

"NÅ SOM" is an exhibition that contains

photo-collages, found material, photography and graphics. Eskil Bast focuses on the complete impression in which coherently is broken

apart - so the viewer is challenged to put the parts of his work together again. He is engaged with the fact that his works can always change, in synonym with something that is ongoing, both in the material but also further in the mental reading about the world around us.

It is the figurative photography he works with - or in other words the actual darkroom print from reality. His works are often self portraits or other people and objects in a given landscape, in which he takes further and places it with clippings, text and graphics until it becomes a extension of reality. 


Eskil Bast is a student at The Art Academy in Trondheim, Norway, and has previously studied at Oslo Photography School, Project School and Strykejernet Art School in Oslo. 


Foto: Marie Karlsen v/Studentenes Fotoklubb

Yngvild K. Rolland :
"The Shape Of Sound To Come"
3 - 29 September 2015

The title "the shape of sound to come" is a referance

to Ornette Colemans avant-garderecord "The Shape

Of Jazz To Come" (1959), where traditional concepts where thrown out and replaced with improvisation and deconstruction, which is something Rolland use as methods  in her work. 

The exhibition "the shape of sound to come" points 

to the sound that is not there, but also to the sound 

that's coming in the commissioned work with

Rolf-Erik Nystrøm.

Rollands works has a direct relation to their artistic collaboration, where her visuell deconstructions and reconstructions of musical expression, work as a base for the music composed by Nystrøm, which is an improv-piece with

about 15 musicians.

Nystrøm uses Rollands works as inspiration, both considering structure and choice of instruments for the music he writes for the commissioned work.   





Amina Sahan :
12 - 22 May 2015
Amina Sahan work consist mainly of acrylic paintings, and her themes brought to matter are subtle messages behind her motives.
Her motives are people, both in bigger situations. but also portrait. In the exhibition "Focus", Sahan works where inspired by photographs she had taken in Iraq. The reason being that she is interested in the population’s situation in Iraq and how the country that has been through war still is talked about in the media. Through her exhibition Sahan wanted to explore these individual situations and describe the realistic truth with the help of  formal techniques. She uses colours as a medium to communicate a desired atmosphere. Each person and situation has a unique story in which Sahan portrays though the use of colour and different composition. 


Foto: Bjørnar Berge v/Studentenes Fotoklubb

Robert Julian B. Hvistendahl :
"Et Nevrososiologisk Studie"​
21 - 30 April 2015

GalleriNeuf presents an installation by Robert Julian B. Hvistendahl. The artist explores the brain as a representation of the self - our inner self, our mind, that is not always seen.

The exhibtion is made up of different sculptures, with the brain as their common denominator. Each of these sculptures/brains represent a different part of the human mind. Together they create an installation of the human mind as a whole. The self.


The project reflects around the outer facade and how this is not a whole representation of a person. By breaking the different parts of the mind into it’s own expression you get an insight into the complexity that's hidden under a persons facade.

Each of the different parts tell their own story, and they tell you something about how they are connected in the whole. Which parts communicate with each-other, what are they saying, both to each-other and in the whole?


Foto: Bjørnar Berge v/Studentenes Fotoklubb

Envelope Gallery Oslo (e.g.o) :
"Between and BETWIXT"
7 - 15 April 2015

Mail Art is a movement that has it’s origin in the Fluxus-movment from the 1950-60’s - a movement against authority and elitism in art. The purpose of Mail Art is to share art across boards, countries, without needing a space to exhibit or the commercial art-world  to exchange art.

The way this movement works is through sending artwork in envelopes.   

11 european artists exhibit their work in this exhibition, all sent via the postal-service. The only requirement to the art-work is that it fits in an 

A4-envelope. After the exhibition the work is repacked and sent out into the world as Envelope Gallery Oslo (e.g.o).


‘Betwixt’ is an Old English (or Anglo-Saxon) word for ‘between’. The title comes from the theme the artists were challenged to think about when creating their art-works. This is the first of what will be an annual event. Each year artists are invited to participate, envelopes are sent, and all the contributions will be archived by Tina Lindvall and hÅkon gÅres Envelope Gallery Oslo (e.g.o).