Foto: Heidi Berntine Bull-Gjertsen

Jasmine Christensson :
"Iterate Rupture"​
8 - 13 November 2016

Jasmine Christensson works endure around human experiences, behaviour and memories. Her project is about an investigation around Hallandsöm, which is a embroidery tradition from her hometown in Sweden that has been passed down through generations of women in her family. 

Her works are her own investigation of her understanding of the embroidery, the history and the tradition in the work in which can be seen as a connection towards a feministic discussion. Her work contains of embroidery and installation, where the red thread in the Hallandsöm is also a red thread through her works. Christensson questions her own connection to the embroidery and women’s place in society and in art.

Jasmine Christensson (b. 1993) has studied

Textile Art - Exchange Studies at

HDK- Högskolan for design and art in Gothenburg, Sweden and is currently a graduate at The Fine Art Program - Art Acadamy, Trondheim, Norway. 

Foto: Heidi Berntine Bull-Gjertsen
Foto: Heidi Berntine Bull-Gjertsen


Foto: Heidi Berntine Bull-Gjertsen

Katrine Rørbakken Lund
and Jasmine Børresen :
"Når bitene etterligner bildet"​
20 - 25 September 2016

Lund and Børresen ask; how strong is the divide between biology and the psyche?

The different parts in a collage are constantly exposed to  mutual influence and creates a new expression - can we say the same about the emotional and the physical? 


The artists wanted to make an exhibition together in which took base in collage, both part of their work process, but also as an independent expression. They wanted to investigate the art form and different ways to work with collage through painting, drawing, installation and works of text. 


Katrine Rørbakken Lund (b. 1989), is a bachelor student in medium- and material based art at The Norwegian Academy of Art in Oslo. She is interested in investigations around how people are controlled by their urges, genes and surroundings. These themes are what Lund works with though textiles, illustrations, installations and text.  


Jasmine Børresen (b. 1991), is a graduate at the Norwegian Academy of Art in Bergen - Børrensen works with references towards existentialism through Rorschach’s psychoanalysis, in which you go through a series of abstract forms to investigate the unconscious part of the mind.   


Foto: Marthe M. Karlsen

Marie Lid Aske :
3 - 8 May 2016

In this photo-series the outlook is directed against its own generation. A generation of dreamers that have grown up with being told that they can become whoever they want, and that the sky is the limit. Aske’s fascination with this theme lays in the shift that happens to us is in our mid-twenties, where some of us hold on to these dreams, while most people adapt to everyday life in which echoes the mantra of: "Eat, sleep, work, repeat"


Ask’s photography tries to capture the feeling of inner restlessness that makes some of us never stop dreaming. The project is a personal journey and observation of Asks’s peers in this shift between endless youth and the road to adulthood. 


Marie Lid Aske (b.1987)  is a photographer and has her education from both journalism, image reporting and graphic design. From 2012-2014 she studied at Nordic School of Photography, since then she has taken part in a mentor program in photography at  Hans-Olav Forsang og Damian Heinisch.


Foto: Geir Tore Brenne v/ Fotoklubben og Henriette Berntsen v/ GalleriNeuf

Jeanette Olsen
and Tanja Silvestrini :
"En hel uke og en halv måned"​
15 - 20 March 2016

"En hel uke og en halv måned" was a

collaborative exhibition between two artist,

one photographer and one illustrator.

They had never worked with each other before, however both have work that evolves around the same themes, such as travel. The collision of the more concrete photograph and the more abstract drawing gave the exhibition a dynamic view on a precent and topical theme. 


Tanja Anette Madeleine Silvestrini (b. 1995) studied at Strykejernet Kunstskole in Oslo and contributed to the exhibition with her illustrations. The illustrations were created while commuting on public transportation around Oslo.


Jeanette Olsen (b.1990) studied at Agder folkehøyskole from 2011-2012 and at the Norwegian Photography School in Trondheim from 2012-2014. Olsen is a photographer and this project took form from a travel to Kirgisistan in which she cycled 330 km in 6 days. The photo series mirror the landscape that surrounded her and became her travel partner. Even though Olsen cycled many hours a day it was the landscape and not the activity of cycling that took her breath away.

Lena Trydal :
"The Real Deal"​
16 - 21 February 2016

From the Norwegian politician, Siv Jensen to hipsters and terrorist. The exhibition

"The Real Deal"  is a social engaging show that throws humours debates around facts on everyday life in the western part of  our world. The exhibition contained 15 works that gave us a different view on the pop-culture of the 21-century through oil paintings, videos and photographs. Trydal’s exhibition bears a notion of her personal journey through traditional techniques and modern themes. The question arousing the worth of "the painting" in the modern art world is brought up through motives of social structure and the big metaphysical questions.    


Lena Trydal (b.1994, Kristiansand) is educated at Liceo Artistico i Pavia, Italia, International Workshop Barcelona and at The Royal Academy of Art i Haag, Nederland. She is most known for her minimal and realistic paintings, but Trydal additionally works with photography and other diverse and conceptual pieces, in which all took apart in the exhibition.