Photo: Vistor Modamio Høybjør v/Studentenes Fotoklubb

Lisa Noreik Wright :
"Boundaries and backyards"​
5 - 10 December 2017

Lisa Noreik Wright is a Norwegian-English visual artist, working full-time as a painter. She creates abstract oil paintings, also using acrylic paint and doing some figurative works on commission.

Drawing inspiration from nature, the human sate of mind and our place in the world, her work is a source for afterthought.


Noreik Wright draws inspiration from the human experience. How we interact with each other, how we sometimes put up a wall to hide ourselves and put on a mask to conceal the scars that reflect our past. The boundaries we set for ourselves, and what we keep hidden in the back of our minds.


Lisa Noreik Wright (f. 1990) have exhibited her work in several places in Norway (solo and group exhibitions), amongst them Trikkehallen (Oslo) and Kunsthall Oslo.




Photo: Frida Westby v/Studentenes Fotoklubb

Sandra Burek :
"The dematerialization of marked"
17 - 22 October 2017

The polish artist Sandra Burek work range from drawings, artist books, sculpture and installation, as well as experimenting in programming and sound.

Rooted in a subjective expression of memory and language Bureks art invite you to take initiative and explore these concepts. She seeks to create a visual representation of memory. Researching art, philosophers and thinkers, from there working a collective and an individual representation of memory into her work. She describes the process of memorizing as an algorithm, where the outcome is often probable and approximate. A memory is affected by our circumstances and observations, working both with us and against us. An algorithm can be implemented in the process of memorizing as a connection of networks, where memory becomes a motion of awareness and concentration. In her work she makes a subjective attempt to illustrate the process of memorizing in abstract drawings and paintings. 

The concept of memory and time passing is a common denominator in Bureks work. Her art shows her attempt at visualising how the passing of time and the impact of nature, affect the circumstances and appearance of an object. Where the object becomes a visual representation of memory and history, of culture, economy and language. She shows how drawing or sculpture can be a tool to express self-knowledge of the world, and of your own individual experience.  

The art is a result of thorough research and experimentation, creating a range that show how the artist is present in her work and how the work in it self has presence.

Sandra Burek (b. 1984) studied fine art at Academy of Fine Art Trondheim, from 2015- 2017, in the international MFA program. And at the University of Arts Poznań in Poland from 2007-2012.
She has exhibited her art in solo and collaboration exhibits in Norway, Poland and Italy. In 2014 she won the International Arte Laguna Prize at Loft Miramarmi in Vincenza, Italy.




Photo: Emilie Leikarnes

Vielleicht Bitte Schnell
1 June 2017  19:00 - 23:30

Vielleicht Bitte Schnell was founded at Strykejernet art-school in 2014 by artists Ane Barstad Solvang and Magnus Vanebo. The art-duo debuted in 2017 with art-magazine "Vielleicht Zeit". 

The interdisciplinary expression is playful and sharp, yet sloppy and quick. The idea behind the project is to maintain the freedom of creation, and a space without rules. This creates honest drawings, the expression is colorful and the duo themselves get slapped in the face by their own creation. The work they create can resemble a very drunk Finn Graff and Pink Panther on MA. 

On the first of June the art-duo expand their univers by showing their best work at GalleriNeuf, for only a few hours. The exhibition contain drawing, painting and a performance.

The performances are improvised, but full of nervousness and self-awareness. Vielleicht Bitte Schnell has performances at Volapük and Maksitaksi behind them. This time, like the last times, their heads are clashed together to create an aggressive low-fi/Ole-Paus-mood that they are yet to be famous for!

Magnus Vanebo (1991) has a bachelor in philosophy from UiO, and later attended two years at Strykejernet Art School. Vanebo is a painter, sculptor and multi-instrumentalist.


Ane Barstad Solvang (1991) has a bachelor in writing from Roehampton University in London. Attended one year at Styrkejernet, and one year as intern with comic-artist Christopher Nielsen. She works in painting, comics and poetry. 



They both have experience with working in different mediums and teams, but are currently working together as the artist-duo Vielleicht Bitte Schnell. 


Shout out from Subjekt:



Photo: Heidi Berntine Bull-Gjertsen, Emilie Leikarnes

Stine Raastad:
25 - 30 April 2017
Photography is the medium Stine Raastad choses to express herself with, in addition it is an area for experimentation as we can see in her work in this exhibition.
In these works she folds the photographs to create new and exciting dimensions. Her aim is to challenge the photography’s two dimension surface to gain attention to the more tactile and living image. She transforms her photographs from a passive two dimension state to a more alive and innovative three dimension experience.

Photography is known to have strict boarders, however Raastad uses her talents with origami to bristle these lines in which lets her experiment with sculpture and the physics of this process. 


From 2010-2011,  Stine Raastad (b. 1989) studied Graphic Design at Norges Kreative Fagskole, before she started a two year photography course at Norges Kreative Høyskole in Oslo. The past two years from 2014-2016  she attended Oslo Photography School. 


Photo: Heidi Berntine Bull-Gjertsen, Emilie Leikarnes

Cara Lien:
"delayed gratification is
a sign of maturity"​
21 - 25 February 2017

The exhibition shows an ongoing project where the artist use herself as a subject. She photographs herself and make oilpaintings on square canvases, that are instagram friendly. Through this she wants to elevate the selfie.

The paintings are a reflection and exploration of the culture we live in. A culture that dictates how an ideal woman should look, where revenge porn is a growing problem and where we allow parts of the female body to become trends. The body part of her generation being the ass.

The series is a way for the artist to take back control of her own body and reflect upon her own past, and her ever evolving relationship with her own body and sexuality.

It is also a reflection on self-curating, in which social media plays a big part in our lives. We have an opportunity to create a seemingly more intimate look into our everyday life. Her intention with this series is to reveal the intimacy of self-reflection in self-photography. Empowerment, a fourth wave in feminism and freedom of self-expression are words that come to mind when contemplating this exhibition.


Cara Lien (b.1990) is taking her BFA at Bergen Academy for the Arts and Crafts.