Jara Marken
27 November -  2 December 2018
Jara Marken (1991) ble uteksaminert fra kunsthøgskolen i Oslo våren 2018.

Hun arbeider med skulptur, bilde og installasjon. Hun inspireres av naturen, og skiftninger som finner sted og påvirker oss underbevisst. Gjennom abstraksjon, klare farger, rytme og repetisjon utforsker hun ulike teksturer og kvaliteter og overfører dette til sitt visuelle landskap. Hennes arbeider uttrykker en lekenhet i tilnærmingen til eksistensen.

”Jeg forsøker å gripe det umiddelbare, mine erindringer gjenfortalt gjennom form og farge. Fragmenter som fortelling. Det kan være en farge, et lys, en lyd som gir en bestemt sinnsstemning. En bevegelse jeg overfører i skulptur, fargesammensetninger som komplimenterer hverandre.

Ved å repetere og transformere formspråket mitt i forskjellige medier, for så å sette det sammen til installasjoner, ønsker jeg å invitere betrakter inn i min prosess og streben etter visuell poesi.
Gianmarco Donaggio
30 October -  4 November 2018
Gianmarco Donaggio considers space to be tension and possibility. Through this, his artist’s practice is deeply connected to human perception and the immaterial. In this exhibition he deconstructs the objects and deprive them of their characteristics to find their essence.

This exhibition is intended as a synergy between the audience and the artist’s works, asking the observer to give importance to what is not presented, as much as to what is actually there. 
By contemplating the Void, the observers are invited to conquer their present time – here and now. To be present is a difficult practice these days, especially in a society where our time and attention is constantly filled with distracting impressions.

In the same way the sculptures draw the observer to meditate, the artist had to enter an almost meditative process during the making of each work. By shaping the sculptures by hand, with as fragile a material as chalk, the artist establishes a distance from the mass production mode of creating an object. Therefore time becomes an important part of the process.
Galleri Neuf's Member Exhibition
2 October -  5 October 2018

We showed varying artworks, all made by artist-members of our gallery. .


Enrique Roura
"#MyImigrantLife #RemoteProximites"
17 April -  22 April 2018

Enrique Roura grew up in Mexico City and immigrated to Norway in 2014. This displacement encouraged him to work around the ideas of place and culture, using the context as a source of inspiration and meaning.

He is moved by the idea of an experimental and trans-disciplinary approach. Working both as an artist and an architect, he finds ways of navigating a course across the borders from these disciplines, borrowing elements from one and other. 

As an attempt to merge and make more permeable the concepts of boundary and identity, his creative work intersects into the realms of civilization and society, art and architecture, human and nature, the private and the public, the self and the non-self.

Maria Viirros
"No Man's Land"
20 March -  25th March 2018

Working with imagery and symbols that carry a variety of associations, Viirros creates richly layered potentials to voice abstractions. She is mostly interested in inspecting the painful, melancholic side of life, while holding the main focus on its complex beauty, often silenced in our current culture of forced positivity, in which things are seen as inherently good or bad. 

Examining relations and connections forms a core to her practice. Living in growing times of black and white, investigating the grayscale between polarisations, the primal need to understand is what drives her. She debates, discusses and questions from the perspective of print-based mark-making. 

The works are visual storytelling, flexible metaphors to describe deeds, reactions and intentions. They act both as the answer and the question, a cycle in flux where the outcome is connected to the beginning and at the same time estranged from it. They show the comfort in sorrow, healing after hurting and fragility in force - humanity in human acts.

Karin Annasdotter
20 February -  25 February 2018

Karin Annasdotter is an Oslo-based artist originally from Nyköping in Sweden, who is currently attending her second year at Strykejernet Art School. Annasdotter’s work is primarily focused on sculptures and installations in industrial materials such as concrete and metal.

Her exhibition draws inspiration from the urban environment in Oslo. The basis of her work is found in the construction materials and the raw aesthetics she observes in construction sites, cracked facades and half-demolished buildings, which is something she brings into the showroom in the forms of abstract sculptures and installations.

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