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Majorstuen, Oslo

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Nov 06, 2019

Exhibition by Liv Csilla Wallace

Vernissage Thursday 07.11.19 // 18.00 


Liv Csilla Wallace is situated in Bergen, and is still in high school where she studies media and communications. She was named talent of the month in July at TRAFO 



The exhibition is a series of acrylic paintings. The inspiration for this series is strangers and their relationships. It has always fascinated Liv how you can walk past a person in a cafe or on the street corner and the memory can either disappear within the next ten seconds, or you can walk around for weeks thinking about just these few seconds. She says that this happens to her almost every time she leaves the house. This series of pictures is therefore one recreating that memory with all these strangers she have seen in Bergen. The names of the paintings are the places in Bergen where she saw the people who inspired every image.

Oct 07, 2019

Exhibition: "Body on body" by Emma Hasselblad

-An applied investigation of an unbodyfied knitted sculptural garment-

Emma Hasselblad is an artist who is based in Gothenburg, and have education from HDK, Academy of Design and Crafts, and Esmod Berlin University of Arts for Fashion. Her exhibition "Body on body" consists of knitted sculptures. 

The exhibition explores the dialog between the knitted fabric and the body. The body is primarily a physical starting point, it’s a form that can carry wearable garments and in this case; knitted bodily sculptures. A knitted sweater keeps you warm, it can be woolly, it can carry memories, emotions. The sweater might carry mysterious secrets, and somehow it ended up in your wardrobe. There are traces of details from a sweater in my sculptures, but it’s been through a transformation. 

The starting point is the knitted sweater, the shell, the warming and protective coverage it gives, as the body itself; a body on a body. Left is maybe the shape of a sleeve, but it’s not a functional sleeve anymore, it’s just a shape. A memory of something that’s been in function. The sculptures have a cavity, an inside, a non-being of something, a trace of a body, and the cavity is what remains of a body. A form where there is room for a body. The sculptures are presented without being carried by bodies; they are independent bodies. But the presence of the human body still remains in this non-being form.

Exhibition from 8. October to 13. October.


Aug 26, 2019


Time: 16.30

Place: the gallery

A great welcome to all new and old members at Galleri Neuf and the people that might be curious about our student association! We are kicking off the new semester with an info-meeting to all that are interested to learn about us and want to join and be members at Galleri Neuf.

There will be an introduction about the association, and the board will introduce themselves for all of you. We will then tell you more about our ideas and plans for this semester when it comes to exhibitions, activities and events. You may come with your own suggestions on what you would like to do as well, all ideas are welcome! Then all members and those of you that want to become a member will be able to help on choosing an artist for one of the main exhibitions we are holding this semester! 😊

May 30, 2019

Members exhibition: "Mysticae"

We present "Mysticae", an exhibition about fairytales and mysticism. Six members present their work through photography, sculpture, painting and music.

Camilla Laudal
Vera Maria Gjermundsen
Aleksandra Stasiak
Nora Elise Stemland
Julia Fredriksen (Juli Louise)
Liv Fallberg

Apr 24, 2019

Exhibition: "TEXT" by Fanny Bylund

Fanny Bylund is in her final year of a bachelor degeree in ceramics at Oslo National Acadamy of the Arts (KHiO).

Mar 04, 2019

Exhibition: ''Animals Anonymous'' by Vida Aasen

Vida Aasen (b. 1992) is currently a student at Strykejernet Kunstskole. Aasen has been particularly interested with working on installations and sculptures the past year and a half, and in this exhibition she presents some of her work on sculpturing animals. In these works she is interested in movements, anatomy and peculiarities.

The name of the exhibition ''Animals Anonymous'' comes from the thematic around Aasen's sculptures that centers around anonymity:

''Anonymity is about the lack of name or identity, and that is a recurring theme of the sculptures that the animals are not portrayed as independent individuals. They are deprived of function or purpose, or lacking history and background. Which can stem from the control of humans.''

Jan 14, 2019

Open call spring 2019

Would you like to exhibit at Galleri Neuf? Now is the time to submit your works!

We are looking for students or newly established artists to exhibit this spring, and we would love to hear from you!

Dec 10, 2018

Genreal assembly (generalforsamling)

Welcome to the second General Assembly of this semester! Here we are going to take care of some of the formalities of our organization. We will take a look at our rules and articles, and then we will further discuss our future plans for Galleri Neuf.

All members are welcome! You can come with your own ideas too. In addition to that, there will be coffee and buns ☕️💫

Hope to see you there

Nov 26, 2018

Exhibition: "UltraNaive" by Jara Marken

Jara Marken (1991) ble uteksaminert fra kunsthøgskolen i Oslo våren 2018.

Hun arbeider med skulptur, bilde og installasjon. Hun inspireres av naturen, og skiftninger som finner sted og påvirker oss underbevisst. Gjennom abstraksjon, klare farger, rytme og repetisjon utforsker hun ulike teksturer og kvaliteter og overfører dette til sitt visuelle landskap. Hennes arbeider uttrykker en lekenhet i tilnærmingen til eksistensen.

”Jeg forsøker å gripe det umiddelbare, mine erindringer gjenfortalt gjennom form og farge. Fragmenter som fortelling. Det kan være en farge, et lys, en lyd som gir en bestemt sinnsstemning. En bevegelse jeg overfører i skulptur, fargesammensetninger som komplimenterer hverandre.

Ved å repetere og transformere formspråket mitt i forskjellige medier, for så å sette det sammen til installasjoner, ønsker jeg å invitere betrakter inn i min prosess og streben etter visuell poesi”

Oct 29, 2018

Exhibition: "Spazio" by Gianmarco Donaggio

Gianmarco Donaggio considers space to be tension and possibility. Through this, his artist’s practice is deeply connected to human perception and the immaterial. In this exhibition he deconstructs the objects and deprive them of their characteristics to find their essence.

This exhibition is intended as a synergy between the audience and the artist’s works, asking the observer to give importance to what is not presented, as much as to what is actually there. 
By contemplating the Void, the observers are invited to conquer their present time – here and now. To be present is a difficult practice these days, especially in a society where our time and attention is constantly filled with distracting impressions.

In the same way the sculptures draw the observer to meditate, the artist had to enter an almost meditative process during the making of each work. By shaping the sculptures by hand, with as fragile a material as chalk, the artist establishes a distance from the mass production mode of creating an object. Therefore time becomes an important part of the process.

To read the full essay on this project, please press the following link: https://www.gianmarcodonaggio.com/essay

Gianmarco Donaggio (b.1991) is currently active as a film author and cinematographer, and as an artist focusing mainly on perception and the image.

Oct 01, 2018

Members Exhibition

This is also the opening of out new exhibition space, as we have moved location (still at Chateau Neuf). Go straight ahead through the main entrance at Chateau Neuf, and in the orange door on the left, before the staircase. 

The vernissage is Tuesday 02.10 - 18:00-20:00!
The exhibition is open for everyone, bring your friends! The artists are present, and there will be wine. 
If you can't come to the vernissage, no need to worry, 
the exhibition will be open the following days:
Wedensday 03.10 - 15:00-17:00
Thursday 04.10 - 15:00-17:00
Friday 05.10 - 15:00-17:00

Sep 12, 2018

General assembly (Generalforsamling)

Aug 16, 2018

Student association day at OsloMet

It's Student Association day at OsloMet and GalleriNeuf will be there!

You can hear more about what we do, maybe become a member too?

There will be cake and an opportunity to contribute to a painting!

Aug 19, 2018

Student association day at UiO

It's Student Association day at UiO and GalleriNeuf will be there!

You can hear more about what we do, maybe become a member too?

There will be cake and an opportunity to contribute to a painting!

Mar 19, 2018

KL: 19:00

Exhibition: "No Man's Land" by Maria Viirros

New exhibtion! "No Man's Land" by Maria Viirros.
Vernissage on tuesday 20th of March at 19:00.

Experiece art and meet cool people!

Follow the event button to Facebook.

The exhibition is open till 25th of February!

Feb 19, 2018

KL: 19:00

Exhibition: "Rasfara" by Karin Annasdotter

New exhibtion! "Rasfara" by Karin Annasdotter. Vernissage on tuesday 20th of February at 19:00.

Come, look at art and meet cool people!

Follow the event button to Facebook.

The exhibition is open till 25th of February!

Jan 24, 2018

KL: 16:30

Info-meeting for GalleriNeuf!

Info-meeting for new and old members of GalleriNeuf.

Are you interested in joining our association, want to learn more about what we do and what we are planning this semester?

Come and get to know us a little better!

Open for everyone!

Hope to see you there!

Sep 30, 2017

KL: 13:00

For active members: Høstutstillingen at Kunstnernes Hus

Each year Kunstnernes Hus host Høstutstillingen (Statens kunstutstilling), representing a variety of artists from Norway. 

The exhibition has been an annual event since 1882 (!) and has been the subject of both love and hate from critics. Created by artists for artists, inspired by The Salong in Paris, it has created a space for new and established artists to exhibit their art. The exhibition show contemporary art in big way, by filling the entire house with work from more than 30 artists the exhibition show what is happening in the world of art in Norway right now!

So meet up on the first of october and we'll see the exhibition together and have a cup of coffee, or a beer, afterwards!

Press "Event" to go to the Facebook-event.

Sep 24, 2017

KL: 18:00

For active members: Social meet-up at the gallery

We want to get to know our members a little better and therefore invite you to come and hang out at the gallery.

Let's talk art, plans for the gallery and get to know the space we "own". There will also be a little curating work-shop and putting some paint on the walls of the gallery. 

Can't wait to see you! Press "Event" and sign yourself up as attending!

Aug 30, 2017

KL: 18:30

Info-meeting for GalleriNeuf!

Interested in art? Want some experience in running a gallery? Like meeting new people and talk art?

If the answer is yes (!), come to our info-meeting on thursday 31/8 at 18:30

in "Bokcaféen" at Chateau Neuf!

We will talk about the gallery and how we run it, how you can become apart of our association

and what our plans for the coming semester are.

Hope to see you there!




Aug 14, 2017



Want to exhibit in our gallery? Or know of someone who should? 

Apply for our Open-Call to exhibit this fall!

The deadline to apply is the 15. of August.

Follow the button for more information about how to apply.

May 31, 2017

Kl: 19:00-23:30

GalleriNeuf presents: Vielleicht Bitte Schnell

For one night only the artist-duo Vielleicht Bitte Schnell will have an exhibition and performance in the gallery at Chateau Neuf!
GalleriNeuf will serve dinner to the first people who arrive, there will be refreshments and a chance to buy the groups art-magazine "Vielleicht Zeit" for 60kr. Follow the link to the event and join us on June 1.!!

Apr 24, 2017

Kl: 19:00

GalleriNeuf presents: "Fuglen" by Stine Raastad

Exhibition with photographer Stine Raastad.

Vernissage 25/4 at 19:00!

Come check it out, there will be wine and a chance to meet the artist!

Open until sunday 30/4 at 16:00.

Apr 19, 2017

KL: 19:00

For Active Members: PosterParty!

To promote our upcoming exhibition, "Fuglen", we are hanging posters all over Oslo on thursday 20/4!

We meet at the gallery, split into groups and assign places to hang the posters. Schools, cafes, bars, etc.

After we're done we meet back up and get something to eat together! 

Feb 20, 2017

kl. 19:00

GalleriNeuf presents: "delayed gratification is a sign of maturity"

The first exhibition in 2017!

Join us at the opening on Tuesday February 21. at 19:00.

There will be wine and a chance to meet the artist, Cara Lien!

Follow the button to our event on Facebook.

Feb 15, 2017

kl. 17:00

For Active Members: PosterParty and website launch!

For those of you who are active members of GalleriNeuf!

To promote our first exhibition, "delayed gratification is a sign of maturity", we will be hanging posters all over Oslo.

We meet at Kulturhuset and split into groups who then get assigned an area to hang their posters.

We meet at ChateauNeuf to celebrate our new website and have a good time, with some food and wine!

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