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Exhibition: "Body on body" by Emma Hasselblad

-An applied investigation of an unbodyfied knitted sculptural garment-

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Exhibition: "Body on body" by Emma Hasselblad

Tid og sted

08. okt. 2019, 18:00

GalleriNeuf, Slemdalsveien 15, Oslo, Norge

Om eventen

Emma Hasselblad is an artist who is based in Gothenburg, and have education from HDK, Academy of Design and Crafts, and Esmod Berlin University of Arts for Fashion. Her exhibition "Body on body" consists of knitted sculptures. 

The exhibition explores the dialog between the knitted fabric and the body. The body is primarily a physical starting point, it’s a form that can carry wearable garments and in this case; knitted bodily sculptures. A knitted sweater keeps you warm, it can be woolly, it can carry memories, emotions. The sweater might carry mysterious secrets, and somehow it ended up in your wardrobe. There are traces of details from a sweater in my sculptures, but it’s been through a transformation. 

The starting point is the knitted sweater, the shell, the warming and protective coverage it gives, as the body itself; a body on a body. Left is maybe the shape of a sleeve, but it’s not a functional sleeve anymore, it’s just a shape. A memory of something that’s been in function. The sculptures have a cavity, an inside, a non-being of something, a trace of a body, and the cavity is what remains of a body. A form where there is room for a body. The sculptures are presented without being carried by bodies; they are independent bodies. But the presence of the human body still remains in this non-being form.  

Exhibition from 8. October to 13. October.


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